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The Love of My Lord: 10 Prayers to Get Into His Heart

My Lord, my Creator is omniscient and He is the One who is accountable for each and every individual. He created all mankind, and each and every individual belongs to Him. In fact, each and every individual is a child of God.

If you want to experience an extended life even when you have so little time to spare, you need to have wisdom in your heart and mind. You need to keep in touch with your inner self by reading the words of God or saying a quick prayer throughout the day. Knowledge alone will keep you in a continuous and ongoing process of progress. Knowledge helps you go on growing by leaps and bounds. It also keeps you from giving up. Below are 10 short prayers to present yourself on a daily basis in front of your God.

My Lord, You are the King of the Universe. I am Yours. Everything is Your creation. You are responsible for each and every living thing on this earth. Thank you.

My Lord, as long as you are alive, you are keeping your promises. My Lord, you are the head of the Earthly kingdom. You are the King of Israel and the shepherd of your flock. Lead me toward you.

My Lord, teach me and your children. As you do, they will teach their children. Your role as chief executive officer is to be the model example for your children and me to follow.

My Lord, you are omnipresent and omnipotent. You know all things. You know what is best for me. You are the absolute ruler of the planet Earth. Please send me your peace and calm my anxieties.

You are the Lord. Forgive our trespasses against you and others. Tell me what is the right path.

My Lord, you are the One that makes all things happen. Please remove my fears and bring peace and harmony into the homes of all those who come to You. My Lord, you are the Light of the World, Prince of Peace and great healer.

My Lord, you are so much more than I can ever know. Your love and grace are great. You have the power and wisdom to know who is worthy of life. Lead us to eternal life through Jesus Christ.

My Lord, you are the One who is in charge. All things are possible for You. Lead us to your truth. Show us the way, the truth and the life.

My Lord, you are the One who loves us. Bestow on us your grace. Give us strength and support, and teach us to pray. Be our redeemer and shepherd.

My Lord, You are the king of the world and Prince of Peace. Guides us with your light. Walk beside us and be with us as we journey through life.


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