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Make a quick, meaningful prayer connection in just 2 seconds

I will not allow the events of today to rob me of the joy and peace I receive from Your promise of salvation.
Pray frequently throughout the day
My Lord & My Creator   My Lord & My Creator
Welcome to 2 Second Prayer Connection

Now more than ever, our world is busy and full of distractions. With the onset of technology into our everyday lives, more people are feeling less connected, more vulnerable and simply lost. As our lives are so busy, below are small steps one can take to build and nurture personal contact with The Almighty in just 2 seconds.


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What is 

2 Second Prayer?

2 second prayer acknowledges the Divine Presence in our life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by making a simple, quick and meaningful connection. 

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The Right Time to Pray

The right time to pray is anytime.  The connection is always there, available to us 24/7.  Our Loving Creator is always listening.

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The Right Place

to Pray

Prayer comes from within and needs no external forces. Connection can be in the quiet of your mind, in your home, while out enjoying nature, or in the house of the Lord. Practice praying wherever you feel comfortable. 

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Getting Connected

The 2 second prayer connection is made by simply saying

My Lord - My Creator

 2 Second Prayer focuses on using our trust and faith as a foundation in nurturing our relationship with 

Our Loving Creator.

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Staying Connected a Few Seconds Longer...

My Lord - My Creator take my hand and guide me through the day.

My Lord - My Creator You know my needs.​

My Lord - My Creator help me to understand.

My Lord - My Creator thank You for Your presence.

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