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Prayer Reminders

Use prayer reminders - 

sticky notes, alarms, 3x5 cards

until reminders are no longer needed

and frequent prayer is a

daily habit.

 2 second prayer responses...

I had a difficult day at work today. Said  2 second prayer for strength and understanding. 

My friend asked me to pray for her upcoming surgery. I said 2 second prayer. I know my petition was heard.

We pray before meals at home, but are too self conscious when out for a meal. Now, we quietly say 2 second prayer and know we have given thanks.

I just love the 2 second prayer! I feel like I can

quickly connect with God when I need Him to

bring me comfort & peace. I still say my long 

prayers, however, sometimes I just need a

quick connection.

Loved the Staying Connected 2 second prayer today.  A prayer that is needed for all 

(believers and non-believers).

When a friend asked me for prayers for his medical procedure, I put his name on sticky notes on doorways in my house.  Each time I saw his name I prayed My Lord-My Creator

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