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Discussion Topics 

The Divine Presence

of Our Creator is a 

constant in our daily 


Our Lord knows

our minds and hearts.

How does 2 second
prayer show faith in
the Divine Presence?
Does this change our
prayer life?

There is One Creator for all people. 

Every person of  

every faith  prays to the One Creator.

Are prayers of all religions heard by

Our Creator?

The connection line to pray is always open. Our Loving Creator hears our prayers no matter when we pray.

Is it necessary to dedicate a special time to pray? 

Is 2 Second Prayer a complete prayer?

All prayer is good prayer. All prayer is heard whether prayer is short, quick, long,

 formal or memorized prayer.

Discuss 4 types of prayer.

Praise - Forgiveness -

Help - Thanksgiving

How can 2 Second

Prayer fit into these 4 types?


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