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God Knows Our Minds and Hearts

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

It is my belief that our Lord is in control of our mind or heart. He is present with us from birth to death because we have come to Him through His Word. For this reason, praying to Him quick prayers is easy to do throughout the day. The word of God is always on the inside of our hearts and minds so He knows all about us.

The Bible teaches that it is God who makes the decisions in our lives. He does not make them for us, but He gives us an opportunity to exercise free will.

If God wants something to happen in our life, we have the free will to choose to accept or reject what He has set before us even if we don’t understand it. If we accept it, then we are blessed with abundance. If we reject it, we will not be blessed. Saying a simple thank you for the blessings is a way to accept the work God set before us..

The Bible teaches us that if we are open to the word of God, then we are in complete control of our minds and hearts. When we are in control of our minds and hearts, we can live according to the Will of God, not according to our own thoughts and desires.

If you are in the habit of going against God, then you should stop that habit. You can change your mind and heart by turning toward God. Begin by reading the word of God. Say a two-second prayer. You will be able to walk and serve God's will because you would have changed your mind and heart.

In this world, we have all been conditioned to follow what God has promised us without question. Many believers think that God has a plan for every single thing in their life, and it is true. However, you might not know that plan or understand how to get there. You have to trust in God’s love for you and His truth. He is in charge of everything that occurs in the universe. Therefore, it is only God who has the power to decide what He wants to show us. Quick prayers will keep your mind on God and your heart on His plan. He will show you when the time is right.

God has placed His word within our minds and hearts. You need to read the word of God to choose to say quick prayers and to trust in His word as truth. You will change your mind and heart and be willing to choose God’s will.


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