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My Lord and Creator, Take Me by the Hand and Show Me the Way

My Lord, please bring me on your sacred mission. Guide and protect me in my life as you have guided and protected others before me. It is written in the Bible that if we would believe and obey the powers of heaven, then, the devil would not prevail against us. So I ask my Lord, please show me the path of righteousness and faith in your infinite wisdom. Please bring me along your divine path of love and compassion.

What would it be like to walk with God?

How would it feel to have your life guided by Him?

What would your life be like?

How would you see things differently?

Would you know what was going on around you and where you should go?

The Lord has shown us in the Old Testament that when you give out what you desire freely, He will answer you by taking you where you want to go. So why can't your heavenly Father walk with you in spirit? Have you ever been led to do something in life by others but when you look back, it did not go as you had planned for it? This is because you did not walk in faith; you walked in ignorance or darkness.

Walk in the Light

You need to learn how to walk in the light of God. You need to understand that He does not judge or condemn you for your lack of obedience to Him. He wants for you to come into His presence and receive the blessings that He has promised to give you. So why are you not walking in the direction that He set for your life.

God set forth an awesome path to follow. He said that whoever desires to receive the kingdom of God must walk in the spirit of God. He made sure that those who walk in this path would receive the same blessings as those who choose the contrary path. We were created for greatness. If we would but walk in the footsteps of our Creator, we would be angels walking throughout this Earthly life.

We are all here for a reason. If we didn't have a reason to live, I don't think we would be on this Earth. If we did not have a purpose to walk, I don't think we would have achieved much in life. We could go anywhere we want, but we wouldn't be doing anything. So why do we accomplish so much if we don't have a reason for doing so?

In the beginning, Adam was given the "line" by which he would lead his generations. This path was all around him; it wasn't a hard or a steep road to follow. Adam was to live his life following what was right for him and not for man. If he had walked in the path of his creator, he would never have sin. Because he chose to go down the wrong path, he now shoulders the consequences.

God walked upon a different path. Instead of following the path of least resistance, He chose to walk in the path of passion. Passion has no conditions and is a free act. No one can stop you from living this lifestyle. Only you can make you choose to follow it.

Your Purpose

You see, your purpose isn't to get a fancy job with the hopes of getting rich. Your purpose is to experience life in its fullest. You want to experience life's ups and downs, the good and the bad. You want to see things that happen to others so you can grow in wisdom and understanding. You want to learn how to be in the presence of God without being lost in the crush of man.

You see, you don't need to walk in the direction of your Lord. All you need to do is follow his voice. If you choose to listen, then He will take you by the hand and lead you where you need to go. If you choose to resist, then He will smite you with revelation and deliverance like a thunderbolt.


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