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Praying Throughout Day Shows Faith, Trust in Divine Presence

Faith and prayer are very powerful gifts to people. They work together. People can not afford to have one without the other. The Bible said faith without action or works is dead faith. Prayer is the reaction of faithful thoughts created by the Spirit of the Lord and Word of God. Prayer from one person can change a city from destruction or from sin.

Showing faith every single day is so essential for a believer because a believer will live through faith. No one can please God without faith.

God will heal the sick people if others pray for them. He will raise them and forgive their sins.

However, God will not always heal sick people even if they do not have faith in Him. Without Faith prayers become useless. Many people are confused and puzzled over how faith and prayer must work together. They do not know where to look and how to use the promises of God.

Sometimes, people feel that when their prayers are not being answered, they do not have enough faith. That is not true. They never think that if prayers are not being answered, God the Father might want to teach them something. God might also want to show them that something is missing in their life. They never bother to self evaluate themselves. Yet because of a lack of knowledge about faith and prayer, believers are suffering and producing self-hatred behavior and low-self-esteem. Faith is not about how much trust we have in God, but how much belief we have in getting the answer we are asking in prayer.

We sometimes want God to take away all our burdens, but we have to face some challenges to ensure we are the people God wants us to be. We have to climb every mountain to receive our blessings. Even when life is tough, God is listening to our prayers. He hears the two second prayers we say to Him throughout the day and the long ones we say in the morning or at night. But, He might not want to grant our wishes until the time is right . God’s time is perfect. It is always the right time. When we are burdened, we feel downtrodden and without hope. We feel He is punishing us or not listening to us. He is listening. He knows your situation, but He might need you to feel this way.

Then, when the time is right, He will take your burdens and help you reach the top. He will shower you with blessings. You have to have the faith that your prayer is being heard and that you will have blessings. You have to always trust God is taking care of you. Saying a short prayer every day will show Him you have faith in His timing and plans.


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