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Seek God’s Help Through Challenges, Be Thankful for Them

When we face challenges in life, we could wallow in self-pity or accept them as an opportunity to use the spiritual gifts God sends to us. Even busy people without a lot of time to pray will face challenges and have this choice. If you have faith, God will lead you through the challenge.

Your beliefs can be limiting. You need to learn to pray to forgive and forget. You also need to make decisions that support the beliefs you have chosen and also those that you have learned. Many people choose to live a life of poverty and self-denial to follow their path. Others don’t

Your spiritual beliefs will not work if you choose to live in the shadows and avoid seeking help. You need to let others in your life and encourage them. The more you do so, the less darkness you will see, and the easier it will be to see the light beyond the challenge.

You need to connect with the spiritual aspect of yourself first. Once you have done this, the other aspects of your life will fall into place. You will then be able to see all the spiritual gifts you have been given in all areas of your life.

There is no doubt that You can overcome challenges you face. If you connect with God and receive His love, you should never be afraid to face your problems. You can do that by recognizing the fact that He has placed them there for You to see. You can become even more empowered as you reach new levels of faith and spiritual growth. Your relationships can deepen and your career can take new steps forward. Even short prayers will help build your relationship with God.

If they feel as though they understand what is happening around them, your children will see your gifts as an opportunity to grow with your guidance and understanding. If you need a way to show others that you have a gift, you may be able to sell it if you are ready to take that step.

The more you are able to see your gifts as an opportunity to use them in your life, the more you will have to share with your life and the more empowered you will become in your own journey to live the life that is right for you.

The next time you want to wallow in self-pity, say a quick two-second prayer to remember that God is there for you and will help you through the challenges of life.


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